L2/L3 LAN/WAN Network Design and Implementation

The core network is a crucial element in any organisation doing business

An inability to communicate equates to business loss. When implementing a network you want to be certain that it will be reliable, redundant and achieve business objectives. We have standardised on networking hardware from Cisco and Hewlett Packard for this exact purpose. Another crucial element in any network is the topology design which if not planned correctly can be businesses undoing. Network design is so important that some clients have previously commissioned us to create a proof of concept test networks and then utilise traffic generation tools just to prove that their mission-critical application will function as they expect. Even though we design our networks network solutions around Cisco and HP networking hardware, we also design solutions around your existing network and can integrate as necessary.

Service Description

  • Legacy Category 3 & 5e
  • Category 6, 6a, 7 & 8
  • Legacy Fibre Optic OM1, 2, 3 & OS1
  • Fibre Optic OM4 & 5, OS2, Blown
  • BMS / Voice / CCTV / Security cabling

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