Consolidation the network components at Unity House

As part of a phase in the refurbishment of Unity House comms room. It was requested that we consolidate the network components at Unity House by moving the contents of its two wall-mounted cabinets into a large, floor-standing unit. This enabled the hosting of all the necessary equipment in line with the telephony project, which also encompasses JHC. The works were carried out by the Bates Connect team over a weekend at the Unity House comms rooms and were successfully completed. All relevant network and phone services were resumed (PC, printing, desk phones) and ready for business at the start of the week, ensuring no working downtime.

Customer Review:

“I would like to particularly thank Bates Group, who carried out the necessary changes, as well as our Network Manager and E&F for their respective help with this important phase in the telephony upgrade programme.”

from Unity House

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